Who Else Wants Happy, Healthy, Goal Focused,
Well Adjusted, Success Oriented Kids?

Arm Your Child with Self-Esteem,Focus,Self-Control & MORE…….
And give your child a head start in life!

Is your child armed to succeed in life? To do well in school? To stay clear of drugs? To develop physically and mentally to maximize their unique potential?

cherry hill martial arts

Kids Get That “Yes I Can!” Attitude at
Yi’s Karate

Children who attend Yi’s Karate of Cherry Hill are destined to succeed in life because we teach them about goals, self-esteem, discipline and persistence at an early age. More importantly, the traits children learn in our unique program will pay off for the rest of their lives!

Every parent wants the best for their child, but how do you prepare them for all the challenges that they face in today’s world? How do you teach them the motivation, discipline and proper attitude necessary for success? It’s not an easy task because this type of education is not found in our schools. It’s not found on our soccer or little league fields. It’s not even found in our community organizations and that’s really a shame. In fact, it’s a crime because teaching children the basic traits like goal setting, motivation and self-esteem, at a young age, can have a massive impact on what that child accomplishes in later life.

Over the years, we have seen thousands of children benefit from our unique program. Overweight kids who lost pounds through self discipline and exercise only to gain massive amounts of self esteem and confidence. Smart kids, bored with school, who learned to set goals and reach higher. Wild kids who learned how to focus and channel their energy in a more positive direction and shy children who were brought out of their shell. As a parent I feel that one of my strongest responsibilities is to empower my child with the confidence, persistence and the self discipline to succeed in school, in sports and in life.

Best of all your children have FUN while learning!!

Self-Discipline,Self-Esteem,Confidence= Better Grades In School!

cherry hill martial arts

Improved Grades

Wouldn’t your child learn more at school and get higher grades if they had better focus and concentration, more self-confidence and higher self-esteem, improved discipline and deeper respect, and were able to set and achieve goals? Of Course!

These are some of the Life Skills your child will develop in our unique program. At Yi’s Karate of Cherry Hill we teach Tang Soo Do which is a Traditional Korean Martial Art whose roots date back over 2,000 years. For centuries, Tang Soo Do has been arming people with the skills they need to live happy, successful, and peaceful lives.

So, how does learning to ‘kick and punch’ produce
so many benefits and develop these skills?

To begin with, the cornerstone of this traditional martial art of Tang Soo Do is respect. With their first step onto the dojang (training studio) floor, our students salute the flags. Our students address their instructors as “Sir” or Ma’am” and treat each other with courtesy and respect. The behaviors learned at Yi’s Karate Cherry Hill carry over into life creating a more courteous, respectful attitude toward teachers, parents, acquaintances, and the world at large.

The Yi’s Karate Cherry Hill program teaches progressive skills and goal setting! Your child will learn physical and mental skills in increments and will be rewarded incrementally. With our one of a kind program Yi’s Karate of Cherry Hill educates your child about setting goals, both short and long term. As your child moves through each new belt they are setting short term goals, (belt stripes) medium term goals, (their next belt) as they progress to black belt which is their long term goal. Each new color belt represents a stage of achievement on the path to black belt. Since the main goal for martial arts students is becoming a black belt our program will help your child learn to break that large goal into this series of smaller, more ‘do-able’ goals. With each stage of accomplishment you will see your child’s confidence and self esteem grow, as they develop a “YES, I CAN” attitude, which carries over into every area of their lives.

All of this ‘learning’ requires higher and higher degrees of focus, self-discipline and concentration. While these abilities are developed at Yi’s Karate of Cherry Hill, once acquired, your child will carry and use them in all areas of their lives.

Unlike most activities your child will participate in, Tang Soo Do will develop their whole being – Body, Mind, & Spirit!

Discover The Yi’s Karate Formula To Improve Your Child’s Physical Fitness PLUS Build Their Self-Esteem, Focus, Confidence and MORE!

Don’t just take our word for it, just listen to what our parents have to say about Yi’s Karate Institute’s unique programs.

“Simply the best investment I have ever made for my child.”
– Rose Weaver, Mother

“As a school teacher who has witnessed the dramatic improvement in focus and concentration of many students, I only wish more parents would enroll their children in Yi’s Karate Institute.”
– Cathy Linden, Teacher

“The increase in Evan’s self-esteem through Yi’s Karate’s program has improved all aspects of his life!” – Eve Allen, Mother

“The positive changes in my child have been unbelievable, he even cleans his room now!” – Carla Johnson, Mother

“She stands up for herself and her grades have improved tremendously! She went from a “D” in Math to an “A+”!” – Roseann Sorg, Mother

While we have thousands of parents just like you who have experienced positive
and lasting benefits for their children, the best way to experience our program
is to try it for yourself.

We invite you to visit our school at 219 Haddonfield – Berlin Rd., Cherry Hill, NJ. We are conveniently situated in the middle of the “Centrum Shoppes” on Haddonfield – Berlin Rd across from Winner Ford and just a few blocks from the Haddonfield, NJ border.

The “Centrum Shoppes” also is accessible form Brace Rd with a driveway between Kaminski’s and Dunkin’ Donuts. Whether entering from Haddonfield – Berlin Rd. or Brace Rd. just look for the big green “Centrum Shoppes” sign.

You can also reach us using the Contact Form to the right of the page or use the information below:

219 Haddonfield – Berlin RD
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
(856) 795-2400

Email : Webmaster@CherryHillKarate.com

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